VPS Hosting recommendation on Discourse forum

Hello, am so much interested in discourse forum… however, I never still know the reason why they don’t allow shared hosting because of host root; where many popular forum software can be install on ordianry shared hosting …
Not a probemd anyway, but i would like to ask if anyone has use or its recommemded to use NameCheap VPS hosting as it have the access to host root also, and docker enabled!

I want to use this discourse software on a small Mobile community, and we have low budget on hosting…
but we can afford the VPS plan of namcheap… Please is it recommended to use also?

  1. We don’t recommend Namecheap host. You can choose UpCloud.

  2. Discourse run inside docker. Therfore, you cannot use with Shared host. It is more sophisticated design than other forum.