Vultr ipv6 only



Why Vultr ipv6 only plan is not good? I will use it with Cloudflare.
So ipv4 is so important?

I'm not able to deploy $2.5 server on Vultr

I have nothing against this plan.

With Cloudflare as long you use its DNS and Proxy, the IPV6 only plan of Vultr is sufficient to run a website in the most affordable way.

It depends on user.

You need to use SSH client like Putty over IPV6 supported network. Then, it will work. Or, only Vultr Console is an option.


Thanks bro! Subscribed your YT channel. :+1:

I will migrate my server from DigitalOcean to Vultr soon. Because, There is no payout option in Digital Ocean affiliate system. Only account credit is allowed.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: