Vultr plan

I have signed up.for the vultr hosting but not able to find the 2.5 dollar plan. How can I find that plan.

Check in Atlanta region

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Check New Jersy region

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Thank you all checking it fast

Have you found it?

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Ye sir got it

I want to host on unmanaged VPS hosting like vultr but don’t know the prerequisites required for this.
What are technologies and other concepts do I need to learn for this?
Please explain in detail.

Please use google for that purpose.

I know you might be new for Vultr, but no one can teach you more than your self learning.

For your help, you can start here,

Yea, yea, the link is from DO, but they have been really nice to put up these tutorials… Everything else is same

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What specific thing you want host, can you mention? I can suggest an article for the same.

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I have some knowledge over managed vps so I need the roadmap only for the unmanaged.


  • First you need to choose instance with sufficient resources and OS
  • Make web stack ready
  • Configure desired application

For example, WordPress Application can run on LEMP stack in which Linux Ubuntu 16.04, NGINX, PHP and MariaDB are the minimum requirements.

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Thanks @GulshanKumar @supx

Dear all is there any good offer of vultr for new signup. As much as long term free plan for new account.

If you use my link, you may get $50 free credits. Or, you may try a promo code: GOVULTR

Is there any dusre plan 2-3 months in vultr or digital of.