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Currently, Im starting my first blog and using bitnami localhost just to understand WordPress a bit. Now I m confused regarding hosting later on which one to choose. Seeking an advice from experts here. Thanks.

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Please refer here

Duplicate topic - @system


What is your budget?
Targeted country?

My targeted country is US. Looking to launch couple of websites in few days.Budget around 3 to 4 $ month I can afford.

Go for Vultr’s $2.5/month plan. Use some Promo codes to get 10-20$ free.

Im not good in technical and vultr setup looks techy. So I dont think I will be able to make it work.

No, It not that technical. There are tons of Tutorial online and you have to just follow them.

Thanks for info bro. Can you share me any video link for that please.


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Thansk for info :smiley:

You’re welcome

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