Webhosting for Beginner at low cost with quality?

can anyone suggest best web hosting at low price which give me premium service

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You can use vultr’s hosting with a plan of 2.5$/month it’s support is awesome.
If you want to try something easy try https://vapourhost.com with starting plan 25INR/month


Cloudways starts at $10. But i am sure u can afford the money of at least 1 pizza for this. Because hosting is very important to a site. If u are unable to manage something, then the host should help. So cloudways would be my bet.


I am using them from last year December and no problem till now. Works great!


Siteground was available at 70% off till some last hours (may be the deal is still active) as part of Labor day sale.

It is not bad and as you are starting something like vultr may be a bit difficult for you. I am using grow big plan of siteground for a woocommerce site and it works like charm…

Otherwise Vultr is also not a bad option. You can easily do one click wp install there and use 2.5$/month plan.

You can grab 100$ free credits of their and then use the same for running your site for free for first two months : )

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Here, I have curated a list of Web Hosting after testing them one by one personally.

I am using them from last year October and no problem till now. Works great!

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I have a question.

Why cloudways support is getting worse? They reply in hours and most of the time support cannot even solve simple things.

Growing rapidly by ignoring existing customers is not good.