Webmin as a control panel


Hi Fellow Bloggers,
Have anyone of you ever used webmin as their control panel. What was your experience with webmin?
How is its performance compared to the cPanel?


Sorry, I have not tried it. I prefer keeping thing manually. Because I don’t want dependency on others too much (due to security reasons).


Have a look at the vesta control panel.


Is only Vesta CP firewall enough to protect my server Or i need to install something extra.

I have previously used Plesk Onyx it came with fail2ban and mod security. But Plesk uses so much server resources and it is not open source.


Yes it’s good enough with FAIL2BAN option. Also you can block ports at your vps server & at vestacp.


Webmin is a Good Control Panel. The user interface will loo almost similar to cPanel and also usage is too good. You can use it.


How is webmin’s performance as compared to cpanel, Is it lighter or heavier than cpanel?

Another control panel ‘Vestacp’ is very lightweight on server but it didn’t updated since Oct. 2017 and it has some known vulnerabilities.
While webmin gets regular updates and it has an active community.


I never tried free panel. I always use SFTP in Filezilla it’s enough for managing my files in server for creating database in my server I use phpmyadmin.


Me too.


What you do for securing your server.

  • Two factor authentication
  • Cloud Firewall


Only open the port which you want. Don’t open unnecessary port.

Securing server
Update your OS regularly.
Make sure you use a firewall.
Disable direct root login in SSH.
Use Secure FTP instead of plain FTP.