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This is my first post on HGK.

I have a website since 2017 and it was going good at that time but from the last 7-8 months, another domain is cloning my extract same data. (e.g if I post a new article it comes to the (xxx) domain too and also all the plugins and theme which I’m using on my site.)

My domain - allcrackapk(.)com
Cloning domain - evaluate4change(.)com

Kindly let me know how can I block the cloning site, cause it took my ranking and kicked me out.

All help will be appreciated :slight_smile:



I can see you have dmca protection enabled, you get one free takedown with the free plan, you can take down the content using the same.
He is using even the logo which is same so it shall be easier to take down


The second website is also got the DMCA enabled as he is copying my whole data…
You can check there at the bottom :frowning:


lol his is 132 days yours is 135. So that shall not be an issue. You can takedown.
Since the logo used in his site is same as yours domain and logo and you have got it protected from earlier day you can take it down i think so


let me try this :slight_smile:
is there any other way to block him?


yes you can ask google to take it down and alternatively you can take the same mail to google as reference and try contacting the website owner to do it voluntarily, failing to do so can lead do fine nd stuff if he do not agree reach to his domain amd hosting provider with mail refrences and ask them to take the site down.
here is a refrence for you


Here is another step by step guide


Already did that.


What are you trying to take down? You have copied the description from play store itself, so there is no copyright there. Plus having a DMCA on a site with cracked apk is useless it doesn’t help.

Basically, there is nothing that you own on what you have posted, so I suggest you better write your own brief description of the apps you have posted, then maybe send a DMCA notice.


This issue is resolved now :slight_smile: @GulshanKumar bro did it :wink:

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Thanks for your kind patience, Finally we managed to crack down the scrapper.

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There are three things we did …

  1. Whitelisting domain

Read in details: Fix - Website Cloned to Another Domain After Switching Hosting

  1. Blocking matching domain

  2. Blocking domain host IP address via Web Firewall. Thanks to Cloudflare, their recently launched web firewall is so much powerful.



Can i ask one question on this

Do u have yoast RSS protection enabled? If someone copies ur website then u will get a backlink at the end of the blog post. It says - This original article was published on www . website . com etc etc.

Were u getting that backlink when ur content was being scraped?


He was using All in One SEO plugin.
The site source code was totally cloned and accessible over someone else domain

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Even my site content is being copied. But it has canonical at the end to my site. So i don’t worry about it

I will worry when no canonical is there. Google itself doesn’t give attention to site which is passing canonicals to someone else


In his case, I noticed a weird thing in the Search Console. Google was preferring scrapper site permalink as canonical.


Loll. Then the scraper was smart. Clear Black hat techniques. No efforts towards originality.


Once, I have also faced that problem. The whole forum was cloned over new domain.

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How did u stop that from happening?


In Discourse, created a custom .yml template for an NGINX rule to whitelist HGK subdomain for my server IP.

That issue happened in the past Discourse version, I am not able to repro now. I think, this has been fixed.