Website Design Review :

I am starting off this website called and I designed it recently with elementor. I just want the opinion of you guys on my website’s design.

Please check it here :

Please check the blog layout too. By opening any of the articles.

I want to make it a non-profit knowledgebase website.


Sweet & Simple :sunglasses:

Great bro. But opening font not suitable for this UI. your UI looks simple and cool.

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There is nothing there to check right now! :thinking: You are using the default layouts.

And ninehacks sounds a lot like the popular site nichehacks… not a very good strategy from you unless you are going to publish content particularly using the nine digit.

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9Apps :thinking:

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+1 Yeah the font above the search box is not suitable. @AbhishekVerma

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  • Incomplete design, homepage and post layout - both looks weird.

It doesn’t match your vision. Looks like black hat something!!! :joy:

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Looks like a website which teaching hacking,
But design is good, :love_you_gesture:

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That font choice is amateur-ish. A simple layout with good symmetry is best. And try to maintain the contrast between font and background.

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Thank you so much everyone for sharing your opinons. Thank you so much for reviewing it. i will try all the suggestions you guys have given me.

Firstly, i thought that but I read some news article and dropped the idea :smile:

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good, hope you get traffic to it.

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