Website got SLOWER afer activating Bunnycdn!

Hello everyone

I activated Bunnycdn after reading great reviews about it for months. However it seems My website has got slower after activating it!

I have 1 main website ( and I created a staging website ( with exactly same settings but with Bunnycdn disabled.

1.) Network requests load slower with bunnycdn enabled.

2.) Gtmetrix shows higher loading time.

3.) TTFB from multiple locations is not improved much when checked via keycdn.

4.) Cache hit is only around 60% whereas cache has not been cleared since 10 days.

5.) I am from Chandigarh and routing is through Mumbai! No routing at all from Delhi in the statistics!

Attached are the images and gt metrix reports. I have created a ticket with Bunnycdn as well.

Has anyone faced this issue that performance got worse when using Bunnycdn? I am using digital ocean bangalore server via cloudways along with wp rocket. Thanks in advance.


Gtmetrix with Bunny-

Gtmetrix without Bunny-


A) Unfortunately, this annoying blocking time [stalled time] happens ALWAYS when we use a different hostname to serve a static files. In the age of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 I would not recommend using a different CDN if you have concern due to this blocking time.

Provided link report shows slow load time with CDN. The reason is same what I mentioned above.

DNS lookup is slow.

Solution: Avoid custom hostname

  • You are checking which is on DigitalOcean Bengaluru server, so generally it will be faster with in India and nearby countries only.

  • We cannot expect adding will improve globally in such drastic way.

B) If you want to get fastest TTFB worldwide, you need to implement CDN directly on your canonical hostname.

Solution for A & B problem

Switch to Cloudflare APO + Argo for best possible routing.

You will get result like this.

Why I use Cloudflare instead bunny?

  • Anycast DNS is faster than CNAME lookup method what many traditional CDN uses.
  • HTTP/3 Protocol, more advanced than HTTP/2 what bunny uses
  • Argo, the game changer, improves latency for uncached request.

Less traffic could be a reason. Enabling perma cache can help.

I don’t have exact answer. You need to check with bunny.

Hello thanks for the reply.

1.) You mean I should use horeca247.b-cdn(dot)net instead of cdn(dot)horeca247(dot)in to prevent blocking time? I actually asked the support before using cdn if custom would affect speed and they had said it wont affect!

Using a custom hostname shouldn’t impact speed.

2.) Regarding TTFB I checked from canada as well. With and without cdn is same. Without cdn is even somewhat faster. It might be because of dns issues?

3.) Will it help with dns lookup if I use cloudflare or google dns instead of the current one I use?

4.) If I use default hostname will it have any impact on image seo? I have canonical header activated in Bunny.

5.) I asked about routing with bunny support and got this reply. Seems they are not using all pop for routing.

Thank you for the reply, our Indian network is setup where some requests may not route to the closest location but in such a way that we can offer best performance which may be a slightly longer router. It can take a bit to see the performance benefits of the CDN as we need to learn about your requests and cache them.

6.) Should I use free cloudflare plan with argo and apo or professional?

Pro + Argo

I too have a bad experience with BunnyCDN when I enable their CDN? I have reached their customer support multiple times for more than 15 days and they finally declared it as it is out of their scope. Also, they added to check with our own developer even after I showed them the site is faster without their CDN, their people aren’t ready to hear what we say?
Customer support is not at its best with BUNNYCDN? I mean they aren’t technically strong.

I agree Bunnycdn is not good. After reading many great reviews I was quite disappointed with the product.

Even though it is simple to setup and the panel is easy to use the service doesnt work. Support is fast but of not much help.

The support told Me that I need to “decrease My dom elements” ! I had to inform them that My website is not the problem. It is working fast WITHOUT their cdn and the cdn makes it slower! I also tried using the default hostname but the problem is still there.

I am trying Closte which has google cdn and it works fast. Also read about Gumlet. It is expensive at 0.2 usd per gb! However it offers image processing as well for which bunny charge 10 usd.