Website is Not Loading Properly After Configuring KeyCDN


I’ve just configured KeyCDN on my website and my site is still not loading properly. There’s appearing only text, no images (except the gravatar image) are loaded, the fonts that are being used haven’t been loaded by the browser.

It’s been more than 1 hour and the same problem persists.

Please help.


Contact their support


Open Chrome console to debug.

I believe you need to ensure about two things.

First try this thing, the cross origin should be enabled as it is standard requirement for loading font with a third party domain/subdomain.

  1. Go to . htaccesss
  2. Add below code

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

If doesn’t fix, make sure CDN path is loading with HTTPS instead HTTP. This is required to resolve mixed content issue.


Thanks, @gulshankumar for being helpful :grinning:

I tried your recommendations but it didn’t work. All of my static resources are now showing 404 Not Found error (they are running over HTTPS protocol). I also tried disabling the SSL feature but still, the same problem persists.

I also tried by deleting the entire Zone and recreating it. But didn’t work.

The Chrome’s Console tab is showing this error:

They give LetsEncrypt SSL for one Zone Alias but after I created an Alias they didn’t issue any LetsEnrypt SSL for that Alias. The Alias was run over my Single Domain Comodo certificate. I also configured CNAME settings as per their saying.

Their support is also very bad. I sent a complaint last night but still, I am not getting any replies from them. Also, they have not any live chat support.

Please help…

UPDATE: All resources are accessible via the plain HTTP protocol. What could I do to make it accesible via HTTPS protocol.


KeyCDN > pull zone > install Let’s Encrypt or Shared SSL.

Ps. Please check its docs or contact support. KeyCDN SSL installation process is bit time talking and sometimes tough.


Thank you so much @gulshankumar … You are awesome!

The Issue gets solved automatically while I was reading their knowledge base and tweaking some settings. :joy:


I’ve some doubts:

Does using the Zone URL for the static resources bad for SEO?
Or should I use a Zone Alias instead?
Which URLs of the static resources (images, docs etc) does Google see & index while crawling a page? Is it Zone URL or the URL of the origin server?

Please do clarify my doubts… I’d be highly appreciated.


Use Zone alias, it’s in your control.