Website redirects to spam sites from search engine

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I am facing an issue with my website. When i type my domain URL in the browser it is landing to my website perfectly. But when me or my visitors click on my website link in google or bing search engine, then it redirects my website automatically to 3 or 4 unknown websites.
Some articles are saying it a redirect hack but i am still unable to find the exact solution of this hack.

Please guide in this regard.

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Hi Zafar,

This happens when a site uses outdated or nulled product.


  1. Restore your site to Last working date.
  2. Scan with Wordfence



The best possible solution is to check step by step all the backups available with your hosting Addons.

Because the theme is OK & Paid Version.

And Yes WordFence Security.


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Thanks dear

Thanks bro

Remove your website Toxis links and spam link building. Do not make backlinks on spamming sites.

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