Website Resources limit


Can anyone refer to me an article that explains what is a f l a? However, I found some article that explains IOPS, CPU, IO. I need more concrete details so that I can find out why I reached my resources limit.


I would suggest, please contact hosting support team to get relevant details. Thanks


Can you suggest me some plugin or site so that I can check the usage of my website?

Apart from this, I get the message in a response for an issue.

We have checked the server and see a high number of requests for:
Heartbeat (admin-ajax.php) requests per site:

Recently, I have installed Broken link checker. I guess it causing me problem.


Try Query Monitor plugin

Alternative: check with Chrome Developer tool, network timeline.


I got it. Thanks buddy.:slight_smile:


You’re welcome!


Disable or limit heart beat


Well, I wouldn’t recommend completely disabling it as it may affect functionality however its frequency can be limited with Hearbeat plugin.


keep getting intermittent http 500 server error

You seems to have other issues apart from heartbeat.

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