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This is my website, I took a break for 2 years and have started Blogging again. So I decided to make some changes.
Would like your feedback on design, readability and do you feel like reading more articles when on site. Speed and optimisation recommendations are also welcomed.

The website seems good but then if you are looking to make it a business then its tough.
A niche like pokemon etc is tough to monetise.
Very few affiliate products. Hardly any infact.
Low cpc in ads.
Although you might get some good amount of traffic but very tough to monetise
Another factor is the topic you have written about. I dont see any organic traffic coming in in most of it. Topics like pokemon legendary etc what would people look for that they end of landing over to your site.
What i have found works great when we blog about some query or answering some question. For example.
How to get a legendary pokemon in pokemon go(Cheat to get one today) might work better than what exists currently.
Article length is something you should look for. A minimum of 1000 words should be there.
Also having a domain name of pokemon world you have all other stuff in there. Either get a new domain or make it all about pokemon. just imagine you are looking for info on BMW and you saw result in.serp of will you click it?
Hope that helps.

Thanks will think about all the points you have mentioned.

Niche focused site nowadays sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Nice to hear that. When I was blogging regularly, this website was earning me somewhere around $300 to 400 a month.

Any recommendation on the design part?

Yeah. You need to work on design part too. I would recommend you to use a theme like Bento. I think, its best for your type of blog.

Thanks for the feedback, but I don’t like using pre made themes. I like making my own themes.

Can you please suggest some changes?

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Hey man! Good work. Just a suggestion, Consider keeping the ads number a little lower at the homepage. It seems all mixed up.

Atleast at home, you can cut short ad unit to 1 or 2 i think :slight_smile: Keep working


I haven’t added any ads manually on homepage, just auto ads, so its google who decides on how many ads.




Images are stretched, correct it.

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On the homepage?

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Thanks for pointing that out, I had mistakenly changed some code which is now fixed.

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