Website showing CloudFlare host error page sometimes

I am getting CloudFlare host error page on one of my websites. It comes up randomly. CloudFlare shows me the Host error page(similar to image below) or loads the archived version of page as the Always Online option is enabled in CF.

Details about website and server:

Website Traffic: About 470k a month
Server: $80 per month plan on upCloud
Server config: Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, Apache2, PHP FPM 7.4 and MariaDB

Pagespeed insights:

I contacted the upCloud support and they said to check server uptime with uptime command, and it was up from the time , I created the server. I am also monitoring the website and server PING in Pingdom, no downtime there.

I am using the following Firewall rules in CF for my website.

What can be the possible issue? Any solution? Is there any issue with WordPress or my server config?

Even I’m facing this issue

Which server you’re using?

I am too facing this issue and it mostly happens because of the Cache Plugin(s). For me, I disable and remove the cache plugin for almost a week to rectify this issue.

  1. However, a proper investigation starts from the Php.ini file and check the value(s) of memory_limit, post_max_size, max_execution_time. Increase its value.

  2. Another issue may be with many expired SSL certificates and it’s associated files in your Root folder. Remove the expired certificates and their traces entirely.

  3. Furthermore, there are a set of Cloudflare (negotiation) IPs which you need to add to your Server Firewall whitelist (nearly around 200 IPs).

  4. Also make sure that your server has the provision to negotiate and resolve IPv6.

Hi MyilRaj,

Thanks for valuable suggestions. But, unfortunately I tried these things already and no luck.
Also, I am not using any cache plugin.

Maybe @GulshanKumar have something for us.

UPDATE: I migrated my website to DigitalOcean. Let’s see if it solves the issue or not.

Do you see any message in the error.log file?

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

Does your site load with HTTP and HTTPS both if you use ‘DNS only’ mode?

Digital ocean

I am getting this error frequently these days with Hostgator. @AbhishekVerma Let me know if you find any solution?

@AbhishekVerma noticed the same, the CF error page is coming whenever I update any post/or publish a new one. However, the server is up and no usage is below 50%. So, it’s quite strange,

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@GulshanKumar here’s the log.