Website Speed Issue with Vultr and Namecheap


Hi Gulshan,

I have launched a new website couple of weeks back.

Host: Vultr

DNS: Namecheap:

I have just 25 posts on my website, but the site speed is creating a lot of issues. I performed a speed test with GTMetrics and found there are issues with Gzip compression and images.

I have installed the w3 total cache plugin and configured the setting as per one of your articles.

I have also replaced images with low resolution and dimensions. The page size has came down from 11.5 MB to 6.5MB, but i think it isstill huge.

Can you please help me diagnose the issue?

Many Thanks,



Here are things you need to do.

  1. Install cache plugin (wp fastest cache, wp rocket). You say you have installed cache plugin but looks like you have not configure it properly. I personally like wp fastest cache it is easy to configure.
  2. You have lot of images, so optimise your images you can use or free plugin
  3. uninstall plugins which are not used.
  4. Add your website to Cloudflare
  5. Add SSL


Host has nothing to do with it. Just scale your image as per GTMetrix recommendations and compress them with some tool like Optimizilla

You can enable it using w3 cache I suppose

For other issues, Please share URL if possible. I also suggest you to configure cloudflare (in case, not done already)

It can help you speed up the site globally :slight_smile:




I see you are using Singapore server location. Assuming, your target audience is India.

I see your website is missing cache plugin.


  • Setup a cache plugin
  • Also, you can enable Cloudflare to automate some task.

I hope this helps.


Thanks @GulshanKumar @BLOGGING_SURGEON @Suprim

I have configured cloudflare for my website.

I think i’m still missing something.

Is it something to do with cache plugin or something?
Is it with the WP theme i’m using?

Because when i checked on GTmetric, it still shows gzip compression recommendations.

Also, why is my website loading from footer to header?

Please help!



HI All,

@GulshanKumar thanks for all your support in resolving the gzip compression issue.

Can anyone throw some thoughts on why this is happening for my website



You’re welcome!


Your site is using pre loader that’s why.

Try two things

  1. Disable it.
  2. Try Autoptimize plugin


hi Suprim, You have suggested me to use I have installed it. Will it also compress my old images in the website.

I don’t find the option to scan my old images, can you please help?



Go to Dashboars > Smush settings > You can do bulk optimisation. All plugins comes with this common feature.

Or, go to Dashboard > Media page to do individually.


Thanks @GulshanKumar it worked :slight_smile:


Can you guide how to disable it? please


please dont worry found the options, thanks


Hi All,

I was validating my HTML Code & CSS code and found few errors. Can you please guide me to fix it.

HTML Validation

CSS Validation



Are there any plugins which can resolve this as we i’m using the WP theme.? Also can you suggest me any other way to fix this?


It’s manually need to be done.

Nor all themes are W3C validated. You can look for HappyTheme they claims to offer W3C validated theme.