Website Speed

How can we achieve the pagespeed as per Google’ requirement.

Which will be the best combination?

Hosting Server?

Or anything else in your mind???


I use Cloudways + Vultr for hosting. Closte is also another good option with amazing speeds.

For the theme, Generatepress or Astra, or the default Twenty Twenty (I like its design and this theme is super fast).

Then WP Rocket and BunnyCDN. Plus good image compression to make sure images are not very heavy.

With these things, I get all green scores in Google pagespeed insights.


Get flyingpress+its cdn and you shall be good.
I guess you are using generatepress which is lightweight already. So that shal be more than enough!

No, I am using Newspaper theme. This is a multipurpose theme. I bought it last year.

WebP images delivered from nginx rewrite (varied response) may help.

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Hmm…thats great. You can try out flying press. I have it for a while and its been awesome for me!

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It’s difficult to achieve 100/100 in Google Page Speed. Instead, I recommend you to analyze your site with other testers like GTMetrix, Pingdom. If your site is loading fast, then just leave it. Focus on blogging.

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My website speed is 0.9s and I am using thrive architect. I just placed the 2 images as ads to sidebar and nothing else. When I compressed the images the speed was increased rapidly.