Website to sell email addresses

I have more than 100K verified email addresses. I want to sell them online.
Is there any website to sale the same?

Have you taken consent of the users while collecting the emails.
Lead generation and selling lead can bring some serious trouble if it is from Eu or US. I beleive they have made serious changes in recent gdpr policy, watch out before doing so

A lot of websites are selling my email ID. I get hundred of promotional emails daily from the services those I have never subscribed.
How can anyone know from where the promoter got the email ID?

What is your pricing?

Willing to get ₹25K for 100K email ids.

It depends upon the niche, for Realestates and education like admission and stuff the lead payment is quite high as compared to others.

In past i have tried lead generation for realestates in germany, was a good pay. But i Didn’t do that well so left it.