Website went down after changing nameservers to Ezoic

I recently applied to Ezoic and changed my nameservers to ezoic after about half an hour my website went down. Can I not just use ezoic’s Wordpress plugin? or is there any other method where I can integrate my website without any downtime?

Easy way: Switch back to old nameservers. Just install and activate Ezoic plugin. (I prefer this way)

Technical way: If you want to use Ezoic nameservers, then update DNS records at its Settings page

A record -- @ -- Hosting IP address - Proxy on/off
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You can use cloudflare method to integrate as well.

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Hey bro.
How your site is loading very fast when you are integrating it through the ezoic wordpress plugin. Ezoic wordpress plugin mostly slow down the site. But your site is loading very fast. Can u please tell me

@GulshanKumar I installed the plugin also but i don’t knw why ezoic is still not able to detect my website. Also I changed my name servers to the original one.

Is it because of W3cache plugin? Although I have cleared my cache and checked for interaction again no success.

Please check with its support.


There are two stacks which you can use to prevent ezoic slowing down your site



I am getting “502 Bad gateway error” with Ezoic Plugin on a FastCGI enabled server.

Check error logs to find out why.

tail -f /var/log/nginx/error.log
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Checked it, Some errors with Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer

Disabled the Plugin and everything is working now, Thanks

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Ads are not showing with Ezoic, on FastCGI server.
These are the erros, any idea? @GulshanKumar

Hi Boba,

Which method are you using for integration? Make sure DNS records properly exits at ezoic settings regardless of any integration method.

If still advt not appearing, contact its team and get it resolved shortly.


Wordpress Plugin

These entries?

Yes, that should be present AS IS. Do not change it.

One more thing, you need to create a Place holder and place in widget or somewhere in your site. Then advt should appear. This is not really required for everyone but it helped me to begin.

In ezoic, placeholder is like ad unit.

hi @GulshanKumar @Boba @saurav_556, is it a good idea to use w3cache plugin with Ezoic?

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Yes you can use it. I dont see any problem with that.

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If speed ia the concerm follow gulshan sir guide.
I personally use wp rocket with perfmatter. But w3TC is also great

Hi, in case of Ezoic you need server side caching solution. That’s what my above post explain and show the perf difference in the attached video on web page.