Welcome to Gulshan Kumar Community

(Mr. Potter) #21

Great!.. Could you tell you what font did you used on the logo?
is it “Product Sans”?


The font name is “Fonarto

(Mr. Potter) #23

yup… you are right… thanks buddy… appreciate it.

(Thread Killer) #24

Thank you for creating this forum :grinning:
Thank god I was luckily subscribed to the newsletters :grin:

(Gaurav Singh) #25

Thanks Dear @gulshankumar for Gulshan Kumar community :heart:

(Gaurav Singh) #26

It is nice to see you dear…

(Shafi Khan) #27

Didn’t know the party was going on here.

Thanks for starting this forum @gulshankumar



@Gaurav_Singh Most welcome! :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, I am just saying, adding a profile picture can enhance your profile :wink:

({ Beautiful Code!; }) #29

I want to remain active in this forum, than any other forums :joy:

({ Beautiful Code!; }) #30

My gif pic got converted to a pic :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Gaurav Singh) #31

Sure i will add soon


I need to enable it first. Taking as feedback.

Update 10:52 PM 2/16/2018 : Can you please try now?

({ Beautiful Code!; }) #33

Worked after i re-uploaded. Thanks!


I am now a member of the best forum. Thank you Gulshan!


Glad to see you. Most welcome! :slight_smile:


Haha :smile:

I given hint early on Twitter before few min of formal announcement. :smile:

Glad to see you. You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

(Lucas) #37

Happy to see your own forum @gulshankumar


Hi, welcome dear :slight_smile:

(Sajwal Pageni) #39

Finally, I am convinced that I missed nothing. Congratulations for this new and awesome forum @gulshankumar

I hope I didn’t take much time to join.


Thanks dear for the best wishes,
most welcome for joining us :smile: