What a great fraud with me, from now i am not visiting any freelancing site in future


I got project on freelancer and cheated with 1500$.

Someone hire me and i complete work. After some time all 1500 $ reversed form my account.
And employer’s account showing delete and also on review showing project deleted.
Very bad day for me today.:sob: :sob:

My total investment in this 30k inr.
And many days.


What!!!??? This really sucks. :frowning:

On which freelancing site?



Have you tried contacting the support team?



I never heard anything good about above site.

Fiverr seems good to me.


Ticket generated but not getting replies yet.


For completing that project i denied many other projects due to time issue.
My loss more than 1.20 lac and clients loss ,who offer me project and i denied.


I didn’t not understand after completing and reviews why deleted…:cry:


They surrender on a Paypal chargeback :joy_cat:

If PayPal does not work, open a credit card chargeback and get the money back :ok_hand:


Threaten both Freelancer and the client. Take legal action and sue them. You need to force them to launch an investigation


Feel lucky that it was a not a big amount, I have seen sellers getting scammed for $6,000 projects.


This works… :ok_hand:


@BihariLala yes sure i will be take legal action.
@Paritosh Yes may be i am lucky, i listen many frauds on freelancer. Com but this time i am also in the list.


and project?


@anon54276374 i have chat on whatsapp after project awarded.
Project about services booking like housejoy .in


Name mahesh and number is.


I remember again that all things.
Still my question how money goes back. Not getting any reply from freelancer and anyone not comming on chat.


Enough information, now go to court kacheri


and is not it against Freelancer T&C to share contact details and talk outside the marketplace?


How to withdraw amount from freelancer instantly.