What a great fraud with me, from now i am not visiting any freelancing site in future


Man I really dont want to work with indian client on freelancing website.
Outside of fiverr I work for many people and get advance money before starting work.
The only indian client on fiverr still asking me to offer premium package on basic price.
Neither he mark order complete (it autocomplete now) and neither review my service. I am afraid he may not me bad rating


Refund the money.

Cancellation rate sticks for 60 days.

1-star review will always stay.


That is why I never use any third party platform. I always take advance and then only start the work once that advance get credited in my account!

You should also try to get direct clients. These sites are not good. :frowning:


One star review really affect my service. Because I am new to fiverr


yeah, so it is better to refund the money and say sorry.


He isnt ready for this. I told him to refund Money


Contact Fiverr CS, they will cancel.


This is the only way now. I think


On Fiverr, working with Indian client is always a different kind of experience.

  1. They need more assurance about perfection.

  2. They love quick response.


  1. It’s always better to understand a client clearly what they are expecting before starting work.

  2. Ignore such client who are doubtful about their project/plan.

  3. Ignore those who keep asking silly questions, bombard in messages, expect always quick response.

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all these points are 100% true about my client. but I just send him message that my work is done as I say. I hope he convinced


That’s very unfortunate.

The startup company which I am working for does take their projects from freelancing sites from Indians and for above $500K.

But then, they have milestone system. Deliver project part by part, and after each milestone, get the payment. This way, you’ll incur less loss, if, something like this happens. And almost all companies follow it.

It is not just about Indian clients. Market is full of fraud people.
But the most important thing is you have wasted your resources over it.

Do contact support and file a complaint if required. But from next time, make sure you follow milestone system, or do a Skype call for projects with such worth.

Good luck!


% of fraud with Indian clients is more.


@Pramod_Yadav I feel very bad about your incident. Try some below points

  • Search in which case money can be reversed in freelancer.
  • Is it possible after completing the project client can get back their money.
  • Talk to their support team and explain everything.

It may be technical issue. Do let us know if you found solutions.


I am trying from yesterday ,contact to support but not getting any reply.


Same thing happened to me… I also worked for the client from Malaysia… After I had given a first draft of the work. She didn’t replied I tried to reach the support system of Freelancer website but they were not responsive. I had no idea what to do…then in frustration I deleted my account from that website. When I saw your message, I thought together we could do something against them.


I totally agree with your perception, Being an Indian I should not say this, but I had 2 projects from Indian client both have not paid and above all one has written filthy language on my profile.
From that incident I promised never to work with an Indian client.


I never faced this problem, just because I be extra careful while working with Indians, I accept all payments in advanced except for few trusted clients.