What are the benefits of Google Domain over BigRock & GoDaddy?


It’s time to renew my .in domain name. Currently the domain name registered with GoDaddy and using Cloudflare DNS. When I was going to renew the domain name on GoDaddy, they are charging ₹599 per year + taxes.

On the other hand Bigrock will charge ₹499 per year + taxes. But Google Domain service is above all of these, they are charging ₹860 per year.

Is there any worth or benefits to renew the domain name from Google or go with the cheaper one (Bigrock)?


I would recommend either Google Domains or Cloudflare Domain Registrar. Both offer free privacy and fastest DNS.

However, if you want cheapest go for Cloudflare. I use same.


Don’t choose Bigrock, it’s costly and perhaps still doesn’t offer two factor auth feature. So, it’s big no no for me.

About GoDaddy, it’s many people choice but I don’t prefer.


As I have .in domain, it’s not support privacy.


Oh yes…:stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s check the domain pricing on Cloudflare.


It appears Cloudflare doesn’t offer .in registration.

Then, Google Domains is alternative option.


Yes, I searched a lot, but didn’t find.

Okay, then I will use Google Domain. Currently I am using Cloudflare DNS, can I change it to Google DNS?

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Yes, you can change DNS from Cloudflare to Google Domains.


  1. use default nameservers provided by them
  2. update DNS entries such as A, CNAME, etc
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Thanks @GulshanKumar for your help. I will start this process now.


You’re welcome!

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Do they offer domain registration too.


Only transfer based registration.


Try namecheap they are best value for money…

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The lowest price is offered only for the first time customer’s by these big EIG’s.
If you wish to renew, you will have to pay the market price.