What are the Best free web panel for VPS or Dedicated server for Wordpress Hosting?

Hello to all. If we are going to set up a VPS or Dedi server, we need a control panel for better management. There are many paid control panel are available like cPanel, Plesk…etc this too good. But for the budget users need a free panel which performs better.

So plz suggest any better free control panel for VPS or dedicated server.

recently I installed CWP(centOS web panel) and facing more difficulties…so…


Or check this Thread


thanks for recommending.
Let me try.

CyberPanel.net(based on OpenLiteSpeed technology, faster than Nginnx/Apache)

if you want demo,

Admin Login
User: demoadmin
Password: cyberpanel123

Client Login
User: democlient
Password: cyberpanel123

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Is this website made using PHP = sellfy.com

help me @Gopal

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Hmm… It Is Custom Coded Static Site… You are Right @Gopal

PHP used??

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No… (Not Completly Sure…)

No… @anon24234743 , They Are Not using PHP…

then what are they using?

Homapage Is html , But For Sign Up Page… I am Not Sure…

NGINX better than any other web servers I have used.

Currently I am using NGINX+GUNICORN for my stack.

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Great find brother, congrats :grinning:

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You expected the homepage to be in php if the site was written in php?


I think it is php. Source:- https://builtwith.com/sellfy.com

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Faster than nginnx nd apache means , which platform it have?

Hi Gopal,

  • Nginx + PHP-FPM + Fastcgi cache?


  • Nginx + PHP-FPM + W3 Total Cache (Disk:Enhanced cache)?

Which one is the best for you?

Yes I learned nginx servers