What are the main things to keep in mind when Google News Article

(Fahim Kundi) #1

I am trying to write google news article, but I don’t know what this term “Source” means actually in google news, that everyone always tells me. don’t forget the mentioned source on your website.

Now what is this term source how I will recognize the source in google news article :thinking:

This “Source” term is confusing me from last 1 and a half month.

Experts Help Needed. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

(Sajwal Pageni) #2

Experts Help Needed

Well we do have an expert on this area.

@BihariLala Please answer this query about Google News.

(Ajay Malik) #3

Here some things which you must keep in mind:
1.your website contain news schema which do not contain any error
2.You must publish unique article first not copy paste as other news (Google prefer first poster)
3. Your site must look like a news article and contain new related article only related to your niche
4.Keep your site theme clean and easy to use.

I found these things in google product forums a long time ago and I think they still work

(Bihari Moderator) #4

doesn’t matter.

(Bihari Moderator) #5

Well… for example, there’s a new update to Cloudways but it’s not available for everyone. HGK found it first so it’s the source of the story, you need to link back to HGK in your article.

But it doesn’t matter. You can ignore this source aspect.

You need to publish tons of contents (8-10+ a day), unique contents to get Google News approval. Make sure the title is in present and future tense. Have multiple authors, proper contacts us, about us, team us pages.