What are the other best free CMS?

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What are the other best Free CMS that can be found in Softaculous, just like WordPress?


CMS for what purpose?

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Have a look at “Ghost”.

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Can I find it in Softaculous?


Not available on Softaculous :disappointed_relieved:

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So how do I install?


Install & Setup (production) - Ghost Docs

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Any other one? That is in Softaculous?


There are many https://www.softaculous.com/apps/blogs

Why you gave up on WordPress?


If you searching for the best CMS, then go for WordPress.

(Malik Olabiyi) #12

I don’t like popular things. WordPress is just too popular. :sweat_smile:

(Abhishek Pathak) #13

Why not go another level? xD

Check this https://www.staticgen.com/ 300+.
But these are static site generators…

(Ultra Noob) #14

This one looks great :slight_smile:

(Razor) #15

U must be hating money in that case :slight_smile:

(Malik Olabiyi) #16

Haha! What I mean is that I love uniqueness. Money is compulsory bro.