What are the Problems We Might Face if we Manage Our Own Server by using Cloud Panels like Runcloud or CyberPanel?

We are planning to shift toward Cloud Panel, to save some of the cost, but the problem is we are not that much tech in command lines or managing server via putting programmes or command, however, most of the Panel has 1 click installation and guides to do, but still what are the challenges we might face in long run?

Any thoughts will be appreciated, especially from a user of a cloud panel.

Cloud Server Panel is good. But not self-hosted Cloud Panel.

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Self Hosted, you meant by CyberPanel kind of right? Iā€™m thinking of BunnyShell or Runcloud. Their support seems good regarding the panel. However, should I worried about anything else?

I am preparing a chart. I hope that helps.

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Awesome, thanks.

Cloud Panel (Unmanaged) Self Hosted Cloud Panel
Comparing RunCloud / SpinUp / ServerPilot CyberPanel / cPanel / WHM
For Beginner? Easy to start because good docs & UI Easy to start, time taking
Security 5/5 5/5
Perf Good in less resources Good in little extra resources
Support Priority support Community Support
Bugs? Maybe less Some maybe experienced