What are the some ad partners you guys are using?

Except for ezoic, anyone using any other google certified partners? Also what about Adsense any real data comparison.

P.S.: Looking to get the result from India.

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I am using mediavine.
They works like a charm for me.
However most of my traffic is US, UK based!

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@saurav_556 Can you tell me about your niche?

Pets, gardening

I have checked my adsense performance… For US traffic only - it gets around $6-8 rpm (95% from search engine)

Where ezoic & mediavine in this niche earns about 14-19. And 16-29…

My plan was to join mediavine but my traffic isn’t 50k +. Thinking about giving ezoic a try…

I know that will make the site a bit slower. But if It 2-3 x the revenue then I will find some other ways to optimise for speed. Like using a cdn…


Another thing I forgot to mention about adsense:

You use ad because you want to focus more on producing content & on other important things…

But adsense is not that passive in real.

You have to monitor low quality ads. Even after blocking those categories you will see ads about ’ cleaning ear wax… Xyz ads’ in your dashboard.

Also, if someone or your competitors do a fraud click attack - your account can go down.

This month I have experienced it. My normal ctr is about 1.2 & in best days 2-3%.

In December I saw 5-6% ctr for 2-3 days… I thought maybe this increase is because of end of the year sale…

But then I got busy with December 3 update. And my ad account got suspended for a while because of high ctr.

This is not passive.

Now I am thinking about ezoic, cause I don’t want my site to be blacklisted. Or remove ad completely until I join mediavine.

In 2021 joining mediavine or adthrive is the goal. Doubling down on content targeting low competition informational post.


I’m using ezoic, so far in terms of earning it is good. But ezoic integrate via DNS, need to whitelist IPs on VPS. Frequently causing the error, a hectic journey with ezoic. I would recommend you to try Mediavine or Adthrive.

One of my sites is driving 200k views a month but our main targeted country is India, so can’t get approved on Mediavine or Adthrive.

However you can try newormedia.com also, I heard many good things about that company and recommend some of my fellows they are also happy with them.

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If I use ezoic I’ll use their cloudflare integration… I just want to give it a try and see how it goes. If my site speed gets affected too much I’ll remove their ad.

55-60%+ of my traffic is from us, uk, Australia & canada. From India 20%.

Currently focusing on content that have high volume in us. Will try to increase the overall share of us traffic…

While being on VPS myself, I don’t had to do any of these things …
The integration is flawless. It takes up to few hours to appear advt. I have tried Cloudflare & Plugin method, it works perfectly fine.

These are some ad partners I have worked with and all of them have paid me on time:

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Curious to know what’s the experience with NitroPay, is it pay you more then Ezoic or Newor Media?

Newor Media has 6 ad units per page policy. NitroPay allowed any number of ads so earnings are hard to compare between them.

But NitroPay has amazing support. I got instant replies on Discord and they have a pretty transparent dashboard with a number of details one would not get from Ezoic and Newor Media.


Can I know what kind of CPM did you got for display ads & RPM for video ads on Nitropay ?

Recently, approved by Nitropay but little hesitant to work with them because worried it may reduce my page speed.

Right now, working with Newormedia but ecpm is very low but speed is good.

My site is in the Entertainment niche so CPMs were way lower than what you would get for something like in the Tech niche, plus Q1 has started so you’ll probably get really low CPM.

About the video ads, NitroPay is using AnyClip. If you have 1M page views a month, you can directly contact AnyClip and save up on the 20% NitroPay is going to charge you.

I didn’t see any big difference in page speed, NitroPay loads their own edited version of Prebid.js and tracking pixel, which is also used by Newor Media. And Google has started cracking down on heavy ads, so the final bottlenecks for page speed are up to the Ad Exchanges NitroPay enables for you.

Thanks for your reply.

As you used Ezoic and NitroPay at the same time, which one do you found pays the most?

Both paid me similarly.

Edit: I forgot to mention that NitroPay’s payment term is Net 75. If you want your payment on a Net30 basis, they will take an additional 4.5% fee for early payment.

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Can we use both ADSENSE and nitropay ads the same time on the blog?

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Yes, you can enable the special AdSense ad units like interstitial, match content, etc.

What CPM are you getting from the nitropay? How much time does it take to normalize the earnings after implementing ad codes?