What are the top free and safe methods to index backlinks?

Hello, HGK!

Can someone suggest best methods to index backlinks faster?

Also, I would like to know why search console is showing less links pointing to site though seo tools can show many links pointing to the same domain?


Usually its the opposite.

Ahrefs is the best tool which shows about 70 to 90% of links pointing to a site.

So you will see more links in GSC all the time.

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Okay @Saksham. Thanks. And what are the safe ways to index backlinks which can be viewed in seo tools?

I don’t understand… if you are seeing those links in tools that means they are already indexed.

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I have built links from some other domains too. Those links are not reflecting in seo tools. I built those links 10 days ago.

Then check those domains first. If the content on them doesn’t update frequently then Google will take its time to index them.

And if those domains are not of good quality then those links will do no good to your site.

SEO tools only crawl sites which passes certain quality standards.

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Ok @Saksham thank you so much.

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I have had a little secret up in my sleeve. I had a .edu unmoderated blog. All I did was post a comment with the links and they would get indexed within a few days.