What are your thoughts about Ghost?


I recently moved from WordPress to Ghost. So, want to know the experiences of you guys.

Is it better than WordPress, for a non-techy blogger?

Is it’s indexing speed is faster than WordPress as @itsbhanusharma once said to Gulshan.


Ghost offers fast performance. No doubt, in WordPress you can also get similar experience if proper optimization is done.

  • Ghost offers distraction-free, mark-down writing editor which is awesome. You don’t have to deal with traditional coding.

  • It’s designed in a way to keep focus on your content only.

  • However, I am not comfortable with its limited features. Not going to switch anytime soon.

  • Regarding indexing speed, it depends mostly on your content publishing frequency. If you post regularly quality content, your blog will index faster automatically compared to a blog where content is posted once in a week or month. I don’t think it will ever vary as per platform. After all, it output HTML code that is crawlable.


@Alpha You too share your views, as you’re using it currently.

@GulshanKumar Can we use Adsense ads on Ghost


Yes, you can use Google AdSense.


You can use Adsense auto ads.
It is fast but requires significant amount of memory.
It is great for non techie person. But, for updating you need SSH access and sometimes things may go wrong. I almost lost my website twice. :sweat_smile:
Also, theme support for 3rd party themes are not guaranteed. With each version theme support keeps changing.


Less cluttered writing experience, apparently better than the shit WordPress is giving away with Gutenberg.

However, the combination of WordPress’s classic editor and its flexibility, features, wide range of plugins and themes is better than Ghost.

Ghost is a better choice for personal blogs. It’s good if you just want to get a simple blog up and write articles without any distraction.

Indexing speed mostly depends on the frequency of new posts. You aren’t going to see your articles index faster in Ghost than WordPress when proper optimizations are on place.


The summary.