What are your thoughts on using Ezoic for AdSense?

Will it help me to boost the revenue or is there any risk in using it…

Kindly explain me anyone, also share your experience, if anyone used it before.

Very bad
It crashed my website css & js

It works great if you get it set up right. It does slows down a site little bit but good for revenue. If your site scores great on speed without ads then adding ezoic will make it a little slower but still will work great for revenue. However adding it on top of already slower site will be a nightmare.

My website loading time is 335ms :slight_smile:
So, what you think @saurav_556, should I implement?

Yup try it. If done right you will find it rewarding. Make sure you leverage their apps of site speed, caching and cdn.

@AbhishekVerma did you gave it a try?
I just started using in in one of my new site a week ago. Have already experienced 4 times higher revenue, lower bounce rate, good page on time and 10$epmv. I had used it in the past on my other site when my traffic was under 30k. Would prefer mediavine after that though!

Not yet

Lol get in. Its one of the peak times. The revenue during nov and dec is quite high. You can earn a premium!