What do you think is the KEY factor of higher rankings on SERP

  • Backlinks
  • User Experience
  • Longer Content
  • Brand Searches
  • Social Shares

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I strongly believe brand searches are or will be the KEY to rank higher in google. I am experimenting on it.


In the coming years backlinks will lose all the importance that it has now. I believe every blogger should start focusing more and more on user experience.


User experience and branding will be the key.


When two sites have strong backlink profile, Google is apparently going to look at other factors (including user experience ). Focusing on these factors and content at the same time is the best thing to do right now :slight_smile:.


Backlinks still play a major roles…


Add Luck as an option too


I thought Luck was a good ranking factor until i was hit by the August update.


That’s true, I know a site which has links from adult sites tons of it but ranks on SERP like a GOD because it has a better user experience and alot of brand searches. People always search in that specific niche with the name of his/her website.


Oh the august update.
My blog has not yet recovered. It was the deadliest blow ever to my blog.


Same here


Late October update destroyed my site. I don’t even know what kind of update it was. No sign of recovery yet.


I am going to focus on getting more brand searches on google for 2 months to see how it will rank my site on the SERP based on that.


Did you notice any difference?


Nope nothing, same old. Still giving it one more month.