What is Article 13? Who will get Affected?


Hello, Friends!

EU has approved a bill on Article 13 and Article 11.

I heard that YouTube channels will be affected due to a strong copyright issue.

What type of channels will be affected? Also, I would like to know how it can stir waves among Bloggers?



Besides having to be careful of making sure you have rights to post images for your blog it does not effect bloggers much.

The main issues with it are for sites that allow users to upload images/videos etc, the social media sites.



I want to talk to politicians who are doing this in EU. I want to know how much do they know about Internet and how it works.


This will completely destroy the Gaming channels especially Pewdiepie.


Article 11 is talking about Link Tax. Have you checked that?

These laws are approved and going to pass in January 2019. If it does, only brands and news publishers can survive on YouTube. I don’t know about blogs. #SaveYourInternet


Great move.
Google screwed us and now someone gonna screw Google.


Hope they bring some law to stop google use our data to answer queries and showing that fkng qa shiiiiit.


It is not.

YouTubers/Bloggers won’t be able to use any copyrighted content including images, graphics. It’s a disaster and stupid law.

The intention is to protect creators material and it’s good but the consequences are terrible.