What is better for SEO

Hello Everyone.

I am wondering what is better for SEO

Let’s say I have some important content on abcd.com

Would it be better to just link to that content (nofollow link) or ask the user to manually go to the website and get the info?

This: visit abcd.com to learn more (nofollow link)


To learn more visit abcd.com (here user will have to manually type the website in URL bar or google)

I am assuming that the content is some statistics or infographics which u want to share with the audience but not create urself. In that case, this is good.

Inserting just text based urls doesnt make sense. In fact u will irritate ur users with that. I would not put the url at all rather then putting it in text format and then asking a user to manually copy paste url to chrome. Thats just bad UX and shows insecurity.

Also note - search engines understand ur content with links. So if u link out to sources which closely connect to what u are writing, it is more likely to help u. But dont link out to direct competitor. Example - Many sites link out to statistics as proof of research done. If i were writing an article on customer service i will link out to an infographic or proof of statistics. This further confirms to google that u are writing on XYZ Topic

basically - 3-10 internal links per posts and 1-3 external links to safe sites is what i would recommend.

@didier ,
Case 1: If you can able to build quality links to the content URL, you will get recurring traffic from all those links. It means that your work is heavy at the beginning and results are continuous.

Case 2: You can ask people to type your URL in Google and let them click the link from the search results. But, how many times and to how many people you will ask daily? Today if you are asking 100 people, tomorrow also you need to ask 100 people.

Hope you can decide yourself.

@MyilRaj and @razor

Thank you very much for your answers, I added the manual approach to see if that would help with brand awareness? More searches of your website through google would it not increase your brand reputation in google’s eye?

Dont reinvent the wheel. The answer to this question is unknown because i dont think anyone has tested it - What happens if manually url is punched in chrome? In one way u are thinking brand reputation. But think about CTR too. Ur CTR goes down and CTR is a known ranking factor. Even if the answer is it helps, do u feel u can increase pageviews by making people manually enter urls for everything they wanna read?

instead focus on better keywords and more writing. Volume and Value - those 2 things only make money.

Content is king for SEO. Your content should be unique and informative. Make high quality backlinks. Grow your website ranking shortly.

nofollow link will work, it will not affect SEO

Nofollow link is not better for SEO. Search engines don’t pass no-follow links from their link juice. So Nofollow links is not beneficial for SEO