What is PBN (Private Blog Network) and how it works?

(Gaitonde) #1

Heard a lot about PBN. About.com did a great job with PBN by spinning its categories into different websites.

Someone having expert knowledge on this matter can throw some light?

Required in relation to following thread.

(Saksham Kumar) #2

You just want knowledge or want to invest in making a PBN also?

(Gaitonde) #3

I am creating a PBN kind of thing. Have 4 websites in same niche.
Main sites last month had 1.5 million pageviews.
Launched 3 more this month.

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(Gaitonde) #5

Then what is PBN and how it works?
Give a summarised answer. Internet has enough topics but need a simple and actionable stuff.

(**Unknown**) #6

PBN = Private Blog Network

In a simple sense, you need to get authority domains in that specific niche you want to rank for.

And, what you do is link those domains to each other and create a network between them. Now, other websites which will get link from those network of websites will rank very easily.

(**Unknown**) #7

Some people tend to choose different web hosting for PBN but I don’t know why they do it.

As far as I know, same webhosting will be fine. Just make sure, your money site and PBN is not hosted on same server.

(Gaitonde) #8

In case of DO. Same server means same droplet or same datacenter?

I have all my sites on same data center but on different droplets.

(**Unknown**) #9

Well wait, I am having little confusing on droplets sorry.

What you do is, get 2 $5/month plans and host your money site on one of those and host PBN’s in other

(Gaitonde) #10

DigitalOcean has named servers as droplets.
So one data center have many droplets with different IP address. You get a different IP for each droplet.

(**Unknown**) #11

If I.P is different then it’s good.

Just make sure to make links look natural.

(Gaitonde) #12

Great. So tonight before sleep, just going to give a link to my new website from old website.
Hope I see ranking boost ASAP.

(**Unknown**) #13

Well wait. Don’t try these PBN’s in your money site.

Use them on site which you opened just for blackhat

(CFO of GKHosting) #14

how to invite manually penalty by Laalsalaam.

(Saksham Kumar) #15

He can only get algorithmic penalty by doing cross linking of his four sites :sweat_smile:

(Gaitonde) #16

Ok plan dropped

(CEO of InnovativeBeast.com) #17

Samay rahte bhagwan ko sahi cheez ka gyaan ho gaya. :slight_smile:

(**Unknown**) #18

Do not drop it. Just don’t do it on your money site

(Rachana Racchu) #19

PBN is a network of websites used o build links to a particular website for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings.