What is safe % of CTR for a blog


Sir please tell me what is the maximum ctr % which is safe for adsense account.



Less than 15%.



My page ctr is 5% with 1200 page views .

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I get maximum traffic organic.



It’s completely fine, normal I think.

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Thank you so much. I was really scared of it I thought 5% is not safe. I was using auto ads before this and even I was getting page views near about 1200 per day and getting less than 1$. I read a blog and hr said you can earn 5-10$ if you have page views 1000 then I find it true by implementing link ads using ads inserter.

I saw blog hindimedotnet they are using 8-9 ads per page so may be there ctr will be high and i am following that blog from a long time.
So find this very helpful sir.



0% is a safe ctr for adsense

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But when you showing ads , users may click on them.
So your ctr will never still 0
It will always above of 0.

Maximum is 9 or 10
But always try to keep ctr between 7 or 8
It will keep safe your account.
In some days , can be 1 day in a month of two month , your ctr can be greater than 10 . lt will not create any problems.but if it happens regularly, then it will be a cause of problem.
Happy blogging :+1:

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Whoever suggests you a safe ctr is completely false. There is no safe ctr. That’s why i said 0 is safe as there are no any clicks which equals to no invalid clicks.

Ctr is just a statistic and not a number to measure invalid activity. If your ctr is 4% but all the clicks are invalid you will still get banned.




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So we have to check todays ctr? i.e page ctr or impression ctr?



Less than 2%




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