What is tha best way to use spoiler content

how can I use “spoiler content” function in my post with out affecting the performance/load time ??

I am using generate press free version theme.

I want to use something like “click to view answer” for MCQ quiz.

Hi… You can give a try to this plugin.

Please take a backup before installing.

sir I already installed “Shortcodes Ultimate” and used in 4 to 5 post.

should I switch to Simple Spoiler ?

I am currently using only Spoiler feature of “Shortcodes Ultimate” plugin.

I can’t suggest about switching. What is working best for you, you may keep it.

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@GulshanKumar I also used the Spoiler feature of SU and my experience was good with it.

According to me Shortcode Ultimate is the best plugin, I have ever used.

@hindiki you should continue using ShortcodeUltimate. Do not switch.

If you want custom styling or modification, just message me on Twitter, and I will help you with that.

Twitter : twitter.com/w3Abhishek

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okay sir thanks

thanks bro I already know you. You design Gulshan Kumar forum logo and it’s looking great and also very light (only 5kb). I will contact you in future when I need. :+1: