What is the best AD management Company?

I am currently using Newor Media Science few days. Didn’t see too much improvement in a few days compared to AdSense. (Note:- Website has 20K Monthly Global Visitors )

If anyone using Newor Media, how their experience? How many days does it take to get sufficient results? Also, how your RPM going nowadays?

Are there good Ad Management services? better than newor media, don’t bloat website UX and user experience.

You may try Adpushup.

How many page views or Sessions required?

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Your niche?

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I think you should try Ezoic or Ad Thrive.

Do they pay better than adsense?

Much much better. They pay me 5 times more than Adsense.

Who Ezoic? I tried them in past. Way too slow site and way too abrupt shutdown.

Try AdThrive then.

Do they work with India Subcontinent user base?

Adthrive requires 100k page views per month.

Mediavine 50k sessions.

Ezoic 10k page views.

For ezoic you need to compromise the website speed.

For most site (with decent traffic 10-30k) it can be a good solution if it 3-5x your revenue than Adsense.

Otherwise in my opinion stick with Adsense and focus on growing your traffic and after 6-7 month apply for mediavine.

Or if you getting good epmv on ezoic… optimise your site for speed.

Choose a hosting location where your most visitors comes from. Use a cdn like bunny cdn.

Use a good looking but fast theme.

Optimize images.

Dont show too many ads. Recommend 5 for 2k words.

Minimize or show no ads above the fold or first viewpoint. So your site’s first paint doesn’t get affected by ads.

More revenue is good. But you shouldn’t aim to get higher revenue for a short period of time.

Insted look for growth. Be an authority.

And set a goal to apply for mediavine or adthrive.

*Mediavine requires at least 3 ads per page /article. I think it’s a good amount of ads that gives High revenue + better user experience.

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India based traffic website they allowed?

Yup they are the best. I am planning to move one of my site there soon. And that will allow me to enter rest of my sites with lower traffic threshold! :slight_smile:

Currently its in mediavine and gets around 20$ RPM. I cant wait to see a jump after i hit adthrive.

You can try… but need to have 30-40% traffic from tire 1 countries.

If 50-60% traffic is from India or Asian countries you can try ezoic.

You need to check how it perform in terms of revenue then you can optimise for speed.

Any Ad Network for Majority India based traffic? 150K-200K sessions per month

I am afraid you don’t have much choice.
Adsense or ezoic are your best bet.

Expect ezoic any alternative? Fedup with Thier Proxy and plugin service.

You can try monumetric.
However, I am nit sure if they work with Indian audience. Yet you can give it a shot.