What is the Best CDN for the WordPress?


What would be best CDN for site that has traffic mostly from US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia?


CloudFront will definitely give you better load times you will have to modify the cloudflare config to bypass their caching.


You can use stackpath or keycdn both have PoPs in these locations.


Bunny cdn better then Stackpath and Keycdn. Have used all 3.

Cloudfront is even better then all 3 of them but cloudfront is costly. Especially in case of frequent attacks on site / cdn in which bandwidth consumed becomes huge. So if ur cdn is behind a firewall, then cloudfront. Else bunny cdn.


We can use cloudflare WAF while using CloudFront as the CDN :wink:


off topic comment

Any thoughts on Alibaba cloud Noida DC ?


Who would trust china when it comes to data?


Ummm… how come is it possible to use Cloudfront for CDN and Cloudflare for WAF without their caching? :confused:


Despite the fact my clients are from China, I would never trust that country.


No. Cloudfront comes with free inbuilt DDoS protection :smiley:

WAF Sucuri like protection is missing but it is not expensive either.


I guess by disabling caching via page rule for cdn path.


i agree 100% with you… just asked to know there performance… BTW that is also not needed :smiley:


Now a days you can see lot of comparison between aws and alibaba all over the web… just wanted to know there performance…

and not going to use there service :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love to try and share experience. :slight_smile:

Because, the unique I have ever heard. :heart_eyes:


Cache control: bypass :wink:


I’m using this kind of setup for over a year now


Except Cloudflare, KeyCDN and MaxCDN/Stackpath

I prefer…


I bought BunnyCDN… So far so good


I may recommend one for you. Can you please tell little about your requirements?

  • What is your target audience?

  • Your budget

  • Do you need WebP supports?

Thanks & Regards,


You can go with BunnyCDN.