What is the best Plagiarism Tool & Your Favorite?

Having So many writes for the blog is very hard to main content from Plagiarism.

So what should be the best trustworthy Plagiarism Checker tool? No need headache.

Is anyone heard about Copyscape?

I personally use copyscape.
I used to use Grammarly pro but that doesn’t detect all.
Some plag slipped in. So i got copyscape.
30$ credit goes well over a month for me.

Check Copyscape and quetext.com too.

I agree with @Whois_Games. Even I use it always as a guest user. (The first check is always free :wink:)

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Its not the best always.
It is better to spend a few cents for plag check if you are sparing a few $$ for content anyways.

Remember that you are building a business.
Better to be safe than sorry!

Yes @saurav_556,

Actually, by meaning, this sounds all the time I use this tool. But it is not like that. Hardly I use it once or twice in a week, but whenever any idea comes in mind related to plagiarism, Quetext comes first in thought.

It only works for first 2500 words free a month. Thats like a single article for me. I need atleast 4-5k words a day.
Depends upon usage. If you are writing everything yourself you won’t need it. If you have writers. Copyscape is the way to go.

How Thier plagiarism finding accuracy?

Not worth, only good for grammar.

Its worth it for non native speaker. Especially the pro one.

Also copyscape is 99% there. Not the most accurate one but does the job well. I haven’t found any good alternative yet.

Can you share some screenshot, how the results look like?

Will update tomorrow!

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I have hidden the text. But overall this is what it looks like. When there is a plag, it shows right at the result below. You can click there and you will be shown a highlighted text on the website it was copied from.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot.