What is the Best settings for Cloudways 1GB DO server For WordPress?


I recently shifted my Wordpress site on Cloudways 1GB Digital Ocean server. And after moving the things came to know that I can tune the server settings.

But I don’t know about this. So guys please help me to enhance the server performance.

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What are you exactly looking forward to do?


The default one is fine. There’s no need to change anything.


No need to change anything unless your theme or plugin asks you to change. Default settings work just fine for small to medium sized sites.


Thank you guys, I will not change any settings until it is required.


@GulshanKumar @itsbhanusharma @BihariLala

Bro Http/2 is already enabled on cloudways servers, i am not using cloudflare so i need to install http/2 plugin on my site to enable this feature from my origin serve


When you are using Cloudways, you are already covered with HTTP/2.


No plugin can actually enable HTTP/2 for your website. What you can enable is the Server Push preload support for HTTP/2 using the plugin.