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What is the best Url Structure in Below?

I implemented silo on one of my sites with category based Url structure…
The domain is an EMD … Example moviecastandcrew dot com

which is better url in below…


First one, if the post is about cast and crew of batman movie.

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Domain has already cast and crew … Do i need to keep it again in the url… I ahve seen some sites they are just using movie name in the url

The keywords have different values based on their location.
The URL has several parts that include’s, “Protocol, Domain Name, Path (directory or file name).”
Search bots can understand the keyword placement better. So, you can follow the first structure.
The second important thing to consider is to write a meaningful URL. I don’t know the context of your article to provide you further assistance.

The first URL is a SEO-friendly URL. First URL structure is better than the second.