What is the maximum number of characters in "Post URL"?

what is the maximum number of characters in “Post URL” ??

I want to use Post URL in Hindi but I am not able to use more than 220 characters.

How to increase the limit??

I am using GP Premium.

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I do not know if there is any such way. Keeping post URL short is recommended by Google.




which one is good for Hindi website.

hindi URL automatically converts into


this type of URL when you try to copy. But in browser tab it’s look in Hindi

A SEO might be trying to remove stop words. Disable it and check again.

Yes, that is completely normal. URL will appear like that if you use a Hindi Devanagari font.

is devnagari font is good for seo if I use it for url

For user-experience, I think using English letter is better for the permalink.

You can see as an example any Hindi News website.

Try sharing link on Twitter, Facebook you will find English permalink looks good than encoded URL

should I use
<html lang="hi">

Yes, you can. Just change WordPress language from settings to Hindi.

Ok thanks for your help.

actually I realised when i use devnagari font for url than my post rank faster for both Hinglish and Hindi devnagari queries.

and when I use Hinglish url its take more time to rank for Hindi devnagari queries.

Maybe I was wrong.

it is a common problem for Hindi URLs, even happens with Wikipedia Hindi.

yup ! but some Wikipedia urls are so long but I am not able to use more than 220 or 222 characters

Well, they are using different CMS called MediaWiki.

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