What is the New Adsense Publisher update?

Is it safe to write review about movie downloading site like this post?

Please @GulshanKumar sir tell

Yes you can write about them but most probably there will be no ads shown on it.

your adsense will be disabled most probably , as you are misguiding the visitors by use movie download keywords.

Warning == Warning == Warning

Placing ads under a misleading header

It’s important that visitors to your site are not misled in any way and are able to easily distinguish content from Google Display ads. This policy prohibits placing ads under misleading headings such as “resources” or “helpful links”. Publishers may only label Google ads with either “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links”.

Examples of unacceptable implementations

Additionally, as shown below, a site’s heading might be interpreted as an inappropriate ad label. Because ads in such a position might be mistaken for links or listings instead of advertisements, such an implementation is considered unacceptable. Monitor your site and its layout carefully to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Publishers are not allowed to use language to lead users to click the ads, such as:

  • “Feel free to click an ad.”
  • “Contribute to the cause by clicking an ad.”
  • “Help keep this site running. Check out our sponsors!”
  • “We need a new server. Support us!”

Hmm then how come they are posting ? see link : https://hindime.net/tamilrockers-movies-download-hindi/. Similarly they are posting cleverly about other downloading websites & gaining loads of traffic.

www. wtechni. com/ tamilrockers-movie-download-hindi/

You are posting the same but you don’t know how to deal with these type of posts.

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No I don’t know