What script is being used on this site for ads?

Does anyone know what code does Gulshan use to show the ad for about a millisecond everytime I click on a post or press back button? The ad appears like less than a second and redirects(?) to the page I want to view. Can anyone or Gulshan himself :grin: let me know please?

Nothing special. That is happening automatically since I enabled Auto Ads.

I bet you are talking about this.
Even i found it weird. It didn’t happen with me when i implemented the same.

Try enabling Matched content
You can also customize placement as per need :slight_smile:

No not that. When I click on a post it will show an ad for about a second or less than that and then the page loads.

Mostly the content page loading is slow. So the bottom ads is seen first as the content page is still loading and then when the content page loads the ad is at the bottom