What should I choose?


Hello members, I’m now here after a long time. How all are you doing?
Also, I will receive international payments so what should I choose Payoneer or PayPal?
Tell me your decisions with reason,


If you are accepting from …

  1. Individual, PayPal is best in my opinion.

  2. Company, Payoneer.

Here’s more details.

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Payoneer is better when it comes to conversion ratio. Also, they have a real time tracking which helps you to know where your fund is being held up?
But keep PayPal as your secondary option in case of emergency.

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Thanks for your replies.


You’re welcome!


Today, I recieved Payment from Fiverr, the first time through Paypal.

I tried to withdraw to Bank. But I am not able to do so
What maybe the reason?


in general, paypal payments are automatically transfered to linked account in 24 hours. So dont worry just wait for sometime.
I usually take my freelancer and upwork payment via paypal. But i dont like the charges they deduct lol


Yeah! @saurav_556
First Fiverr take a cut and then PayPal.
UPI is best. Instamojo is also a good.



You should be using Payoneer. You will always get better converstion rate than PayPal. Haven’t you read my last topic?

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Is it possible to use Payoneer in fiverr.


Of course, yes. I am using.

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Yes. There is an option for Payoneer.