What should I do?


So I’ve found a few keywords (low competition) in my niche on which I can write about.
But the problem is there’s nothing much I can write on the topic. Let me explain it to you by an example.
Suppose my target keyword is “How to do XYZ on ABC?”. Now on this keyword, I can write an article which will range from 400-500 words at maximum. Anything more than that would literally mean rubbish.

What should I do? Write only what is relevant or write relevant + rubbish?


I was watching a tutorial on YouTube. I saw this comment. It may help you to co-relate with blogging. For simple article, short content is the best.


If your site already has some good authority and whatever you publish ranks, write only relevant content… else you will have to keep words equal to or slightly greater than your competitors to rank.


Hi @Saksham bro.

What would it take to rank a blog, that has content like 300 to 400 words but interlinks (i mean people visit more than 5-10 pages and they find content interesting) and also the content is published at quite good speed, like 2-3 articles per day.

In this case, would this site be ever able to rank up?

Or I more importantly care somehow people get into it? - Would it do good this way?


Sounds like a News/Entertainment site…

Yeah! Get some links and ranks will go up. If user engagement is very good then you should see good rankings in relatively less time. :thinking:

Or if there’s very less competition for you. But if the competition has longer articles then its very unlikely that a site with shorter posts will rank outranking other sites.

If your main source of traffic is not Google then do whatever you think is best.


Umm no, it’s actually a planned community-driven webapp like Quora.


Not easy to build a community from scratch these days unless u already have a good number of friends who have similar interests and also like posting online.


Yes. I agree on that.

But I said, like Quora, and not Quora and not just another community forum. A thin line between them (that’s what I am thinking hopefully). The development on that has not even started yet, but surely it is going to take more than a year.


Like hashnode.com for reference