What to do after moving from blogger to wordpress?

I have migrated my custom domain blogger blog to wordpress.

I changed url structure of blog post like this example.com/sample-post/

tell me how to redirect properly my old post urls to new post? N more tips bcoz I’m new to wordpress

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1-Make changes in your posts permalink manually in every post one by one.
2-Use "Really Simple SS"L plugin to properly make your website https enabled
3-Set up a SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank math(I personally recommened)
4-Make wp-admin secure with WPS Hide Login or WP Login Limit
5-understand your need/requirment & install plugins one by one

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Really Simple Plugin is not activating.

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What’s the error ?
By the wat it’s name not really simple plugin
It’s really simple ssl plugin

Detected possible certificate issues

Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button;

May hosting provider has not provided ssl!

Hello Pallav, if you want me to help, consider sharing your site URL first. Without it I am not able to provide any solution.

check spelling

Then get a free ssl from here

problem solved after contacting with hosting team.