What to do if someone copies My website content?

I have seen one News approved site that is copying my website content and ranking in Google. But, When I check my site original link in Google, It still not indexed. What to do in that case?

Does it matches word by word (More than paragraph/quote)?

Does it matches any creative image?

If no, nothing can be done.

It matches word by word including Image that I created using Canva

Also, I have seen many other sites posts copied by the same site

Include a random string in your post

If this string 44spLdjKRKzN5zktFBe9rQmq3PoXnYzn5cjiQbQ6 is found at someone else blog except than nadh.example.com it means content has been copied.

This trick can prevent automated scrapper.

Then use this form to report plagiarism.

Sometime disabling RSS Feed can also effectievely help. But it may have -ve impact on Google crawling.


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