Whats the right time to Backorder Expired Domain?

I found a Domain registered at Godaddy got expired Today and I want to Backorder the Domain using Godaddy Backorder Service.

Here I want to know whats the right time to place the Backorder after its expiration…
Can I backorder the domain now using Godaddy Backorder Service or wait for some more time to monitor the current owner activity in the redemption period (30 days)…

It depends on the importance! If you really require the name, you can proceed now (or) wait till the redemption period get over.

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after 30 days, there is no point in placing an order before.

If it is an important domain, don’t rely on GoDaddy instead use multiple backorder services. You can try drop catch, snapnames

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Use a combination of leading backorder services. You will just need to pay only one service provider if it can successfully catch the domain name for you.

  1. SnapNames
  2. Dropcatch
  3. Sav
  4. YAY
  5. GoDaddy
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In Sav, Dropcatch, Snap Names, Dynadot and in most of the other premium services we can’t backorder until the domain completes 70 days and enters pending delete stage…

Right now Godaddy, Yay and Crazy domains are the only options to backorder…