What's Wrong with google?

From last two months google is playing a sick game with me, they first remove my two pages from google which ranked for #1 last month by saying blocked was robots.txt and there was no case like it at all. Somehow, this month I managed to create new pages and rank them on #2 and #3 but today they removed my paged again and I checked everything and there is no issue at all this time. They instead replaced #2 page with my another page. I mean what google is doing…

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  • Monitor website uptime. If robots.txt return 200, 30X or 404 it’s okay but due to downtime if it returns 5XX or no response your site can get de-index.

  • Avoid targeting similar keywords for two pages on a single domain. This kind of spamming can create problem.

  • Technical audit of log and on page SEO can help.

That’s all.


I mean all things are perfect, they first remove page than add it two days after and then again remove it.

I think you would violence Google term and condition then Google increase your problem. Follow Google search engine terms and conditions.